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  White Cliffs, NSW

Fossickers Den 


Stay a Day, A week or two, You'll soon find, There's lots to do. White Cliffs, Thanks for Visiting!

Welcome to Fossickers Den. We are an Opal showroom located in the small outback town of White Cliffs, NSW, Australia and are dedicated to bringing you genuine White Cliffs Opal. The opal process is executed all in the one shop. from mining, to cutting and polishing to setting.

Providing affordable jewellery and souvenirs we also specialize in
-Rough Opal
-Cut Opal
-Customised setting
-Online Sales available
-Onsite Fossicking

We are now branching out into a selection of gemstone samples and jewellery along with Chip Tubes,  Opal trucks and dinosaurs, Stubby holders, Opal soap and candles and much, much more. Should you find your lucky piece out on the field we are able to cut and polish and set your stone. Or if you would like a custom made piece of jewellery we are happy to organize it for you.

The staff at Fossickers Den would like to provide you with the experience of fossicking and education of how opals are found and how it gets from a rough stone to a beautiful cut and polished gem. Browse this website for further information about Fossickers Den and the town of White Cliffs and what we have to offer.


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White Cliffs Blue/Green Crystal Opal
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Sterling silver pendant with White Cliffs doublet opal. Boulder Opal backing. Outside measurement 12.5mm x 17mm. RRP $190

SALE $130

       plus postage   


Handmade sterling silver ring with White Cliffs doublet opal. $785.
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